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Jelly biscuit.

2009-07-03 18:41:16 by CowboyNinja

My computer died.. So i formatted it and had a few words and were back on speaking terms.. Lost eveyrthing though. My flashes, tutorials, music, work, movies and most importantly... my porn.
Seriously pissed.
But hopefully ill be off to Uni this coming september to study Web design. Which will be sweeet. Ill hopefully be able to make loads of flash there aswell and it will (fingers crossed) contribute to my course..
Actually *Question to anyone whos ever known someone or studied the subect themselves* - Is there a big flash element? Or is it just briefly touched on?.. Would be cool to know.

Annyyyway yeah.. Got banned from the BBS again the other day.. apparently its frowned upon to quote trailer park boys. :D
Besides that everything is super sweet rad ace tech.

Uni would be sweeeeet.
Na wha im sayin'?

1. Jelly Biscuit

A woman who eats jelly (any flavor) for a period of 5 days or more. (This would include KY jelly if so desired) After the the days period ended, she proceeds to shat on your body with your blessing. Leaving you with the effervescence of her fecal fruit of choice.

I hate BT

2009-04-22 10:48:00 by CowboyNinja

First off they limited my line so my internet had a download speed of something ridiculous like 6kb. And now they've stopped it all together, and is not likely to be fixed until next Tuesday!
Mother fucking shit balls.
But, ive finished my flash! So all i need to do know is wait until i get the internet back so i can upload it..


2009-04-14 10:53:00 by CowboyNinja

Ive been out too much recently.. not getting anything done at all!
Im pretty certain what started off as a hangover has built itself up to full blown cancer.. Im honestly seeing double most days.
Apart from on the easter egg hunt i did for my mates, it was more like tribillionmillion vision cos' i got over excited.

I need to do more on my Flash's!


Whadda week..

2009-04-02 23:06:37 by CowboyNinja

Work has blown so much balls this week.. And i got completely smashed at a mates house party and threw up everywhere.. Then proceeded to miss a very important meeting the next day.

And im really not loving it, because i've been working so much i've had jack shit time to do anything in flash. So thats bummed me out a bit..
Ah well.
It'll be done at some point.

Whadda week..


2009-03-29 17:43:23 by CowboyNinja

I love flash.
Flashy flash flash.

The score so far..

2009-03-25 08:50:44 by CowboyNinja

I thought id spend a couple of minutes to let you know whats happening with my current projects!

Basically, i have three different animations in the pipeline, all of which im working on at the same time.. Unfortunately, cos' i get over ambitious with stuff like this, they've all been a bit delayed.. Mainly cos' i watch them to much and become overly critical..
Just thought id let you know that i havent forgotten about them in the slightest! And they're still very much on the way, hopefully within the next couple of weeks!

So yeah.. Its getting tense eh?

Give it a week..

2009-03-02 14:25:37 by CowboyNinja

...and my next flash will be up!
I don't want to go into too much detail.. but Ive been playing with a few things and found out some pretty cool stuff. Also, i went and bought a design tablet which has helped me quite a bit.
Really looking forward to it.

Till then,
Loads of homosexual love,



2009-02-17 13:03:34 by CowboyNinja

I finally submitted my first ever flash!

I cant wait for the responses.. Be it good or bad Im gonna learn a lot from it.
This flash was more a test than anything, and my main project is still going ahead, but i plan on spending several months on it instead of several days!
But for now check out my mother friggin' flash!


Id just like to say thanks for all the nice messages and such like! You guys are awesome. I love you all!
I've now began working on my next submission, and i just finished editing the music for it! Should be a good one.
Until then!

It's Valentines..

2009-02-14 13:33:16 by CowboyNinja

And im sat at work eating the strangest looking cottage pie that i have ever seen.

In other news!
I started messing around with a few Flash tools, and i've been trying to get to grips with using motion tweeners and such like.. What actually came out of it was an idea for a very basic Animation, which should be hitting the portal in the next week. Pretty friggin excited bout that one, as it will be my first flash everrrrr.
Im hoping you guys will like it, but for me, the main pressure is on the success of my actual flash project! Which should hopefully be finished in a month or so.
Valentines is officially over... (In the UK of course..)
Which means i can get rid of the love hearts and squishy things on my page!
Cheers guys!

Happy Valentines!

2009-02-12 07:56:42 by CowboyNinja

Happy friggin' Valentines you bunch of baboon nuts.
I hope you all get some love this year! Even if its only bashing one out to Charlies angels whilst eating a Roast beef TV dinner at 6pm with only a series of Haiku's for company.

Cos' i know, that's where ill be!

Much love!