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2009-02-17 13:03:34 by CowboyNinja

I finally submitted my first ever flash!

I cant wait for the responses.. Be it good or bad Im gonna learn a lot from it.
This flash was more a test than anything, and my main project is still going ahead, but i plan on spending several months on it instead of several days!
But for now check out my mother friggin' flash!


Id just like to say thanks for all the nice messages and such like! You guys are awesome. I love you all!
I've now began working on my next submission, and i just finished editing the music for it! Should be a good one.
Until then!


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2009-02-17 21:17:48

and, its a very good flash. =D

CowboyNinja responds:

Thanks man!


2009-02-18 09:44:46

very very very good!

CowboyNinja responds:

Haha :D


2009-02-18 15:27:26

It goes to show. If motion tweens are done properly then lot's of people will like the animation. Learnt that from my first :) I really should finish off my projects... anyway, best of luck an i hope to see more from you. Ask if you want any help on your next project.

CowboyNinja responds:

Cheers buddy!
Expect a message from me pretty soon then. :P