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So. Where was i?

2009-02-08 19:26:01 by CowboyNinja

My Awesome t-shirt arrived a couple of days ago!
Awhhhh righttt
I havent stopped poppin' it like its hawt since.

I have almost completed my CowboyNinja story board.
I figure, the best way to start on Newgrounds is to show a real-life story, of true events, then change all the names, individuals, voices and plot lines to make something that makes my life look as though its shared a tumble dryer with Bruce lee, Dick chaney and the cabbage patch kids.

Well.. That's the plan anyway.

Piece out



2009-01-31 10:23:44 by CowboyNinja

I went and bought me an "awesome" t-shirt. I've almost wet myself with excitement over the last couple of days.. Kinda regretting being such a cheap skate and not getting one of those faster, more efficient carrier pigeons.