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It's Valentines..

2009-02-14 13:33:16 by CowboyNinja

And im sat at work eating the strangest looking cottage pie that i have ever seen.

In other news!
I started messing around with a few Flash tools, and i've been trying to get to grips with using motion tweeners and such like.. What actually came out of it was an idea for a very basic Animation, which should be hitting the portal in the next week. Pretty friggin excited bout that one, as it will be my first flash everrrrr.
Im hoping you guys will like it, but for me, the main pressure is on the success of my actual flash project! Which should hopefully be finished in a month or so.
Valentines is officially over... (In the UK of course..)
Which means i can get rid of the love hearts and squishy things on my page!
Cheers guys!


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2009-02-14 13:59:45

cottage pie...
idk wat that is :D

(Updated ) CowboyNinja responds:

Its about time you found out! age_pie